studio so-on

Why the name so-on? Because I like to do a lot of different stuff, so why not do a lot of different stuff?

What does so-on do? Woodworking, graphic design, surfing, recycled projects, illustrations, making coffee tables, drinking coffee, being a father of two, skateboarding, logo’s, furniture, making lamps, skateboard-birdhouses, small restorations, snowboarding, some simple wordpress website building, making surfboards, animations, wooden jewellery, so on and so-on.

Who am I? My name is Danny Foolen. Born in 1985, the Netherlands. Graduated in 2011 at HKU University of the Arts, in Fine Art (check out my work at: www.dannyfoolen.com).

Mission? Make nice stuff, have fun doing so and not having to worry about the end of the month.

Here’s a little video of me in a basement, on a skateboard..